Javascript Cannot Block It

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This article subject Javascript and its blockeds. Firstly, we need know what is Javascript.

What Is The JavaScript?

Javascript is a programming language. This technology working in web browsers based. But today, it appeals to many different areas.

For example:

  • Desktop App
  • Mobile App
  • Game
  • WEB App or design

However, our topic will be for web-based applications. It is used in front-end studies for web applications. Thanks to this language, developers can prevent you from doing some operations on browsers.

For example, some sites may prevent you from seeing the source code by right-clicking with the mouse. Right click in web page. And click “Inspect” in pop-up menu.

Above picture see. Then see source html code. As seen in the picture below.

 Thus, we can see the html/css/javascript codes used by the website developer. Some developers want to hide it and may prevent you from doing such operations. There are a few easy methods to do bypass.

Firstly we need know it how is work browser. When browsers link to a site, they run Javascript codes themselves. Then we access the site. So actually the codes are already accessed by us.

1. Method Web Browser Setup

We can disable JavaScript codes on the web browser you are using. If you say “How to do it” please mini search in Google.

2. Method View-Source With Web Browser

Many web browser to feature “view-source”. Shortcut key “CTRL+U”. Push CTRL+U in keyboard in this site. Then see source code. Okay, now target page url enter to area.


Above picture like seen. Now, input to the target website address in red area. And all of the code of website!

3. Method Scrapper Script With Python Or Other Language

 This can be done with different programming languages. For simplicity, I made the sample code with Python as below.

import requests
_website = input(Pls input website address: )
wb = requests.get(_website)
f = open(index.txt, w, encoding=utf-8)
print(Pls look it index.txt)

With this code, if you have python on your system, you can easily run it and see it in the file named “index.txt”.

Have a nice day with lots of informatics 🙂  

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