About Me

Hello There!
Welcome to S4M Security.

s4msecurity.com is a website that focuses on cybersecurity related topics such as penetration testing, exploit development and vulnerability assessment. It also offers services such as security consulting and training.

This web site just subject cyber security, cyber news and cyber tools. Coming soon making different service.

For example: Spider for cyber security with online news, second so search motors for find human in internet. And privacy to online chat. But you know, everything is in time.

Now it’s time to talk about myself.
I’m a love it cyber world. And I’m when small worked with cyber tools. Then computer maintenance, then I’ve studied computer science. And I now development cyber tools.
And the most important thing, I’m sharing what I’ve learned in this web site.

I’m a NodeJS, PHP and Python developer. And I’m working in private a companie. And I give tecnic support. I am working on information security.

Without forget!
If you want cyber news in social media:

This accounts work with Python. And it automatically shares cyber news.

I hope good enjoy time in web site.