Javascript Cannot Block It – 2

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This article subject licence software with Javascript safety.
There a program. And its name Mobirise. Really, wonderful program. This program website template create. And perfect designs create.

As a earlier, this program when you create web site design it add licence. And this licence there is web page footer area. It is not seen. But it is forwarding you its website if you click this area.

I hate it. Because if you say its free, it is free. But when I created website, there is a code in the footer field that redirects to the website when clicked. And I wanted delete it code. But when I deleted code my website design break down.

I’m create example website for this article.

This picture above for example website. I make it with Mobirise. What you thing? I Think nice… But this page footer area there is a something. And this is bad ad. Below pictures examples.

Okay, as as seen. This red area there a ad. And I wanted deleted it html kod. But website breaking down.

As a seen like above picture. My website design breaking down when below code delete.

And I thinking for problem. If I delete code then my website breaking down. If I don’t delete code then my website give it ad.
I need web browser and its nice features. When I deleted that code, JavaScript breaking down website.

Which JavaScript make it, it for I need learning .

Firstly, open Developer Tools in your web browser. In the top tab, go to the “Network” area.

And reopen the website. Or refresh the page (press F5.)

Then refresh website. And look it in network area. Javascript codes running in this list we need it. We first deleted code like below:

        style="background-color: #fff; font-family: -apple-system, BlinkMacSystemFont, 'Segoe UI', 'Roboto', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; color:#aaa; font-size:12px; padding: 0; align-items: center; display: flex;">
        <a href="" style="flex: 1 1; height: 3rem; padding-left: 1rem;"></a>
        <p style="flex: 0 0 auto; margin:0; padding-right:1rem;"><a href=""
                style="color:#aaa;">This web page</a> was designed with Mobirise templates</p>

We need this code review with careful. One by one we delete this codes. First delete: “p” tag. And check website. The website is not broken. Okay, we continue. Then delete tag “a” and check website.
The website broking if we delete tag “a” . Okay, now we need checking JS files.

This we need web browser for checking files. First We do website refresh then look at the “Network” tab in web browser.
Like below picture:

Okay, this website first going to jarallax.js then calling at the script.js.
We need checking script.js file. There is like a code in script.js file:

As a seen this in code there is a js code checking “a” tag. Okay, now editing script.js file in local system and we deleting it is code.

And now, we deleted this code for it is ad. And try again checking website.

As a like above picture. Now, There is not a ad code and the website not breaking down. Don’t forget Javascript cannot block it us.

Have a nice day with lots of informatics. 🙂


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