Network Scanning and Analysis Script with NodeJS

Hello Cyberman!

English broadcasts will now be more frequent! Let’s start!

What is  sNTools

 A small group of scripts I wrote in my spare time to learn and consolidate Node JS technology. It’s a program. Although the basic usage is quite simple, there are of course a lot of parts that need improvement.

What Can Be Done?

  • You can do nmap scans or use them ready-made.
  • For now, you can view the ARP table for Windows and the names of users in the public network.
  • You can ping and control the device.
  • DoS Attack.

 Its use is specified within the application. For now, it works on Windows system as it is designed in Windows.

 Node JS must be installed on your system. If node js is installed on your system, it is sufficient to enter the folder where the files are kept and type “npm install” in the terminal. The system will automatically download the necessary libraries. Then just type “node app.js”. 

 Download link:

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