Hidden Surf With Kodachi (Install and Live Persistence Useage)

Hello Cyberman!

English broadcasts will now be more frequent! This article will be about install Kodachi Linux. Let’s start!

The topic of this article will be about Kodachi installation, virtual machine (VMware) installation and live usage. Kodachi is a linux distribution.The main purpose of Debian-based distribution is to hide user data.

Basic requirements for installation and live use:

Clicking on the list above should provide the necessary downloads for Windows. For the ISO file, you can see the detailed source codes by the developers at Source Forge.
VirtualBox can also be installed instead of Vmware. It’s your choice. I’m using VMware, it’s paid and closed source, and it’s very efficient, especially on the internet.

Vmware will be installed directly as “next, next, next and finish”. I think you can install it. Let’s go directly to creating and installing the virtual machine for VMware.

First of all, VMware opens. And you will see a screen like the one on the screen. Now click “Create a New Virtual Machine”. Then a screen like this will appear.


Using the setup wizard is very easy! We will not install with DVD. Our iso file is not written on DVD. So click where it says “Installer disc image file (ISO):”. And then click “Browse…”.



After selecting the ISO file, press the “next” button and continue.
A window like the one above will appear. In this section, we need to enter information such as the type of machine we will install and the version. Do as on the screen and click the “next” button.

A window will open like the picture above. In this section, we need to specify the name of the machine we will install and where we will install the virtual machine files after our machine is installed.
I enter the name of the virtual machine as “Kodachi” and specify the path to the files, you can enter a name you want and give it a name.

Now we need to give the size of our disk. This is an important part where the size of the operating system and the user’s files are determined. I reserved 20GB of disk space. 

You can adjust it according to your needs. As seen in the picture above, there are two options in a window. As seen in the description, you can choose according to your personal use. I move a lot of virtual machines and run them on different devices. This is how I set it up. Press “next” after setting.

In this section, you can complete the installation if you wish. However, press the “Customize Hardaware” button to make special adjustments according to the condition of your computer. 

The screen will appear as shown in the image above. Here, you can select your hardware unit for your device on the left and make the settings on the right.

Or you can press the “Add” button to make a special setting and add a special hardware condition. Here I will only adjust the processor and ram. You can make the appropriate setting for your device.
Do not give all ram or processor to the virtual device while making this setting. If that happens, you cannot use the host!

And then by pressing the “Finish” button, the virtual machine was installed in the Vmware program.
Note: You can rearrange these settings later.

The installation process is completed in the VMware application. Now double click on the virtual machine and wait for it to load. 

After installing, a screen like the picture above will appear.Select the green “kodachi Encrypted persistence” section on the screen and press the “Enter” key. Your mouse will disappear in this part of the VMware device.

You can bring it back using CTRL+ALT to use it on the host.
Wait for it to open after clicking.


It will give a warning on first boot. Regarding the screen, it will be fixed if you reduce the size of the VMware application’s window and make it full screen again. Loading all objects takes time according to your device at first boot.

Kodachi automatically turns on its services to hide user data every time the system is turned on.

 If you want to use a private internet provider or service, you can check the connection settings and instant traffic by clicking “Kodachi Dahsboard”.

Have fun and safe travels. Before I forget! A Linux that is always built on hardware works more efficiently. Private browsing in the virtual machine will work for Windows users.

 Have a nice day with lots of informatics 🙂 


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