How To Increase Windows Network-Bandwidth?

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English broadcasts will now be more frequent! This article will be about windows bandwidth. Let’s start!

What Is The Bandwith?

 My computer’s ethernet card is Realtek PCIe Gbe Family Controller. And while I had no internet problems on other devices connected to my modem, I really did have connection speed issues. I searched on the internet and came across bandwidth. Bandwidth is a term that expresses the network speed capacity of the network used.We can adjust windows bandwidth.

 How To Adjust Bandwidth

Click “Start” to set the Windows bandwidth. And type “edit group policy”.  Then click enter.

Click on “Administrative Templates” on the left side of the screen. The area indicated in the picture.

Then click on the “network” section on the left of the screen. And click on the “QoS Packet Scheduler” field seen on the right side. It is seen in the picture.

On the screen that opens, there is a “limit reservable bandwidth” field. There is an informative text in the middle of the screen. Click on the “Limit reservable bandwidth” section that is selected in the picture and seen on the screen.

Activate with “Enabled” on the screen that opens and then set the “Bandwidth limit (%)” value seen in the “Options” section to “100”.

Then click “OK”… Your transaction is complete.Please restart your computer.

 Have a nice day with lots of informatics 🙂

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