How To Hidden Surf In Internet?

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The Importance Of Encryption

The best private surfing should be encrypted. There are many methods of encrypted browsing. But they have their limits in terms of security. Internet work with certain protocols. 

List of internet protocols:

  • Application Layer
    • FTP
    • SMTP
    • HTTP
    • DNS
  • Transport Layer
    • TCP
    • UDP
  • Routing Layer
    • IP & ICMP
  • Physical Layer

Important in this list is the application layer. Because the data is created here. Encrypting your data is about your application.

Example: A message you send on Telegram is first encrypted within the app and then sent. But you must obtain permission from the first Internet provider to connect to the server telegram. In this section, your device information is deciphered. For example your mac address, IP address etc.

First Of All, Use A Linux Distribution.

Because linux is not watches you. Linux is open source. Since the source codes of these operating system distributions are open, editing is possible. And since it’s open source, you can see what data it’s tracking. However, some linux distributions target user privacy.

List of linux distributions target user privacy:

 This list commonly used ones. The common feature of these operating systems is that they use encryptions belonging to the TOR network. VPN services with the add-ons that come with the Tor browser are not affiliated with an institution or organization. It hides your internet cookies by creating a fake identity. 

Web Browser Selection

 Things to consider when choosing a Web Browser: It would be more appropriate to prefer web browsers designed with social enterprises. And you should make sure that the browser you are using is open source. Because it turned out that browsers like Chrome follow you in the private tab. Browsers that care about privacy are always more reliable.

List of web browsers targeting user privacy:

Note: If you are reading this blog from Turkey, VPN should be used for Tor.


VPN (Virtual Private Network)… VPN hides your ip address. And it changes your output to internet. Mostly advanced search engines like Google notice this and check you. Not all VPNs are secure. Because it hides your exit to the Internet, not your login. With a VPN, you can usually hide the server computers by giving false information. 

The most basic thing to consider when using a VPN is the reliability of the VPN application or server. Hackers often set up their own VPN system. However, if a ready vpn is to be used, it must be an encrypted vpn.And encryption must be asymmetric. The most widely used VPN service is OpenVPN.

 Web Browser Extension Selection

 Web browser plug-ins hide or deciphered you. Definitely check the reliability of the plugin you are using. It may be stealing data from your device. Trusted add-ons are usually featured and approved in the web browser’s store. Web browser plug-ins can spoof data requested from the client device. Or it can ensure your security by blocking harmful JavaScript extensions.

Trusted plugin list:

  • DuckDuckGO Privacy Essentials
  • Privacy Badger
  • uBlock Origin
  • Ghostery

From the codes used for the terms above. and you can hide it. 

As A Result

Make sure the device you are using the internet on. Make sure your operating system is reliable. Make sure of the web browser you are using. Make sure of the VPN you are using. Be sure of the plugins you use. Never use your own internet to keep your internet access safe. For example, you can go to a cafe and use the cafe’s internet.

And consider the above. Do not neglect to use the TOR service. And definitely do not use a device that you do your daily activities. You can use a virtual machine for this. You can also use the operating systems I mentioned above for virtual machines.

 Have a nice day with lots of informatics 🙂 

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